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Do you like photos? Bookmark them within one click


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VisualizeUs Chrome extension allows you to bookmark any picture you find when browsing the Internet. You only need a Visualize.us account and this great extension.

Thanks to this extension, if you happen to find a good picture in any website, you only have to right click it and choose 'Add to Visualize.us! in the right-click menu. Then, that picture will be added to your Visualizeus account.

Visualize.us is one of the best picture bookmarking services in the Internet and thanks to this extension it is even esasier to use.

The extension also adds a button in the upper part of the browser. When you click it, it highlights all photos in the website and you'll have to decide which ones you want to add to your catalog.

Remember you must have an account in Visualize.us to enjoy thi extension. If you are a photo lover, you'll welcome both this online service and VisualizeUs Chrome Extension.